User Guide

Welcome to ElectionJudgments! This database of election case law from around the world is easily filtered and searchable to help you identify relevant cases to your needs.

To use the database, you can:

  • Search a case name
  • Select one or multiple legal issues, and toggle (AND/OR) to search for a combination of legal issues or a distinct selection
  • Select a region, country, type of election, or court to see all cases that fall within that category (e.g., Africa, Liberia, Constitutional Court, or Presidential Election).
  • Sort by language. You can filter both cases and resources by the language of the source documents.

Once you select your categories, cases within that category will appear. Click “View” to see the full judgment of the case. On the right-hand side of each case is the information bar. This information bar presents a carefully curated analysis of each case, including:

  • The questions presented
  • Acts alleged by the petitioner
  • Procedural history of the case
  • A summary of the court’s judgment
  • Conclusion including the remedy and holding
  • Applicable laws in the decision
  • Other identifying information such as region, country, court, election type, and the date of the decision
  • Dissenting opinions or other relevant documents can be found at the end of the information bar

Our case law database is accompanied by our Resource Library, where you can find publications by IFES, other organizations and experts relevant to election case law. You can search by author, date, and topic for e.g. United Nations treaties or publications on election dispute resolution.

Have questions or comments? Visit our “Contact and Submissions” page to submit any inquiries or suggestions on the database and IFES will be in touch!