Strasbourg, 8 October 2020 CDL-AD(2020)025 Opinion No. 913/2018 Or. Engl. EUROPEAN COMMISSION FOR DEMOCRACY THROUGH LAW (VENICE COMMISSION) REPORT ON ELECTION DISPUTE RESOLUTION Approved by the Council for Democratic Elections at its 68th meeting (online, 15 June 2020) and adopted by the Venice Commission at its 124th Plenary Session (online, 8-9 October 2020) on the basis of comments by Mr Eirik HOLMØYVIK (Substitute member, Norway) Mr Oliver KASK (Member, Estonia) Ms Katharina PABEL (Substitute member, Austria) Mr José Luis VARGAS VALDEZ (Substitute member, Mexico) Mr Samuele DOMINIONI (Expert, Italy) Mr Serhii KALCHENKO (Expert, Ukraine) This document will not be distributed at the meeting. Please bring this copy. Restricted document.

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