HUMAN RIGHTS CHAMBER FOR BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA !!! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!! DOM ZA QUDSKA PRAVA ZA BOSNU I HERCEGOVINU DECISION ON ADMISSIBILITY Case no. CH/00/3933 Srpska Radikalna Stranka against BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA The Human Rights Chamber for Bosnia and Herzegovina, sitting as the First Panel on 8 December 2000 with the following members present: Ms. Michèle PICARD, President Mr. Andrew GROTRIAN, Vice-President Mr. Dietrich RAUSCHNING Mr. Hasan BALI] Mr. @elimir JUKA Mr. Miodrag PAJI] Mr. Peter KEMPEES, Registrar Ms. Olga KAPI], Deputy Registrar Having considered the aforementioned application introduced pursuant to Article VIII(1) of the Human Rights Agreement (“the Agreement”) set out in Annex 6 to the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Adopts the following decision pursuant to Article VIII(2)(c) of the Agreement and Rules 49(2) and 52 of the Chamber’s Rules of Procedure:

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