Machine Translated by Google Decision no. 4057 - Dispatch Part: 32 Year: 2047 Month: Baisakh Number: 1 Verdict Date :2046/11/03 ÿ ÿ 1653 Decision no. 4057 N.K.P. 2047 (a) Issue 1 Joint Bench Honorable Judge Mr. Prithvi Bahadur Singh Honorable Judge Mr. Hiranyeswaraman Pradhan Samvat 2046 Year No. 1352 Order Date: 2046.11.3.4 Petitioner : Panchthar Dist. Falaicha Ga.Pt. Opponent against Chaturman Vedha aka Rajendra living in War No. 6 : Special Election Court, also District Court of Panchthar Subject : Dispatching (1) If the Special Election Court has decided to cancel the election on the basis of Section 14(2) of the Election (Election Offenses and Punishments) Act, 2024, the basis of Section 14(1) is mentioned. It is not seen that the order of dispatch should be issued as per the demand, as it appears that they have made a mistake. (Chapter No. 9) On behalf of the petitioner : Learned Senior Advocate Mr. Krishna Prasad Pant On behalf of the Opponent : Learned Additional Advocate General Mr. Prem Bahadur Bista and Learned Advocate Mr. Madhav Baskota order Justice Hiranyeswaraman The summary Pradhan of the presented appeal andunder the decision Article 16.71 is as follows of the Constitution :of Nepal 1.

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