Inter-American Court of Human Rights Case of the Constitutional Court v. Peru Judgment of January 31, 2001 (Merits, Reparations and Costs) In the Constitutional Court case, The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (hereinafter “the Court” or “the InterAmerican Court”) composed of the following judges: Antônio A. Cançado Trindade, President Máximo Pacheco Gómez, Vice President Hernán Salgado Pesantes, Judge Oliver Jackman, Judge Alirio Abreu Burelli, Judge Sergio García Ramírez, Judge and Carlos Vicente de Roux Rengifo, Judge; also present, Manuel E. Ventura Robles, Secretary and Renzo Pomi, Deputy Secretary pursuant to Articles 29 and 55 of the Rules of Procedure of the Court (hereinafter “the Rules of Procedure”), delivers the following judgment in the instant case. I INTRODUCTION OF THE CASE 1. On July 2, 1999, in application of the provisions of Articles 50 and 51 of the American Convention on Human Rights (hereinafter “the Convention” or “the American Convention”), the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (hereinafter “the Commission” or the Inter-American Commission”) filed an application before the Court against the Republic of Peru (hereinafter “the State” or “Peru”), arising from petition number 11,760, which the Secretariat of the Commission had received on June 2, 1997. 2. The Commission stated that the purpose of the application was for the Court to decide whether the State had violated Articles 8(1) and 8(2)(b), c), d) and f) (Right to a Fair Trial), 23(1)(c) (Right to Participate in Government) and 25(1) (Right to Judicial Protection) of the American Convention, in relation to Articles 1(1) (Obligation to Respect Rights) and 2 (Domestic Legal Effects) of the Convention, with regard to Manuel Aguirre Roca, Guillermo Rey Terry and Delia Revoredo Marsano, justices of the Constitutional Court of Peru. It also requested the Court to require Peru to “make integral and adequate reparation” to the said justices and reinstate them in the exercise of their functions, and arrange for the annulment of

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