DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA COURT OF APPEALS BOARD ON PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY _______________________________ : In the Matter of : : RUDOLPH W. GIULIANI, : : Respondent : : A Temporarily Suspended Member : of the Bar of the District of : Columbia Court of Appeals : Bar Number: 237255 : _______________________________: Disciplinary Docket No. 2020-D253 SPECIFICATION OF CHARGES The disciplinary proceedings instituted by this petition are based upon conduct that violates the standards governing the practice of law in the District of Columbia as prescribed by D.C. Bar Rule X and D.C. Bar Rule XI, § 2(b). Jurisdiction for this disciplinary proceeding is prescribed by D.C. Bar Rule XI. Pursuant to D.C. Bar Rule XI, § 1(a), jurisdiction is found because: 1. Respondent Rudolph W. Giuliani is a member of the Bar of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, having been admitted by motion on December 2, 1976, and assigned Bar. No. 237255. He took Inactive (non-practicing) status on December 12, 2002. On July 7, 2021, the Court of Appeals temporarily suspended Respondent based on the order of the Supreme Court of New York, Appellate

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