Published on The Estonian Supreme Court ( Home > Constitutional judgment 3-4-1-3-17 Constitutional judgment 3-4-1-3-17 SUPREME COURT CONSTITUTIONAL REVIEW CHAMBER JUDGMENT in the name of the Republic of Estonia Case number 3-4-1-3-17 Date of judgment 18 May 2017 Composition of court Chairman: Priit Pikamäe; members: Hannes Kiris, Indrek Koolmeister, Saale Laos, Tambet Tampuu Case Review of the constitutionality of § 51 of the Riigikogu Election Act Basis for proceedings Tallinn Court of Appeal judgment of 16 February 2017 in case No 3?15-584 Hearing Written procedure OPERATIVE PART To dismiss the application by Tallinn Court of Appeal. FACTS AND COURSE OF PROCEEDINGS 1. By a precept of 19 February 2015, the City Centre Police Station of the North Prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) required Artur Talvik to stop violating the prohibition on political outdoor advertising laid down in § 51 of the Riigikogu Election Act (REA). According to the precept, on 18 February 2015, i.e. during the prohibition on political outdoor advertising, a Mitsubishi motor vehicle with registration plate 078 MHM at Rataskaevu 16 in Tallinn displayed the advertisement “” and a photograph/image of A. Talvik, who was a candidate for the Riigikogu, along with a sticker “Vali kass Artur!” [Elect Artur the Cat]. The advertising poster “” and the photograph of A. Talvik were visible in public space, thus

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