Machine Translated by Google Decision no. 10039 - Mandate Part: 60 Year: 2075 Month: October Issue: 6 Judgment Date: 2074/12/07 ÿ ÿ 7017 Supreme Court, Joint Bench Hon'ble Judge Shri Sapna Pradhan Malla Hon'ble Justice Shri Purushottam Bhandari Order Date: 2074.12.7 073-WO-1149 Subject: Mandate Kathmandu Metropolitan Writ Petitioner City: Advocate located in Premchandra Ward No. 32, Rai, Kathmandu Executive District, Director of the Authority, on behalf of the Law and Policy Rules Forum for Social Justice, residing in Ward No. 3, Kathmandu District, Kathmandu Metropolitan City. against Opponent: Government of Nepal, Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Sinha Darbar, Kathmandu, 100th Floor

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