FILED AUG 3 1 2018 IN THE HIGH COURT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE MARSHALL ISLANDS MUDGE SAMUEL, Appellant Samuel, V. ·) ) ) ) REPUBLIC OF THE MARSHALL ISLANDS CNIL ACTION NO. 2017-037 ) ) ROBSON YASIWO ALMEN, in his ) capacity as Chief Electoral Officer; Ministry) of Internal Affairs; and Government of the ) Republic of the Marshall Islands, ) ) Appellees. ) TO: ciA~ ASST. CLERK OF COURTS OPINION Roy T. Chikamoto, counsel for Appellant Samuel Attorney-General Filimon Manoni, counsel for Appellees This case is a challenge to the 2015 mayor's election for the Majuro Atoll Local Government. Under the Elections and Referenda Act 1980, 2 MIRC Chp. 1 ("Elections Act"), 1 the Electoral Administration headed by Chief Electoral Officer Robson Y. Almen ("CEO") conducted the election on November 16, 2015, Appellant Samuel was a candidate for mayor, as was the eventual winner, Ladie Jack. The Court takes judicial notice2 that of the 4, 705 votes cast in the mayoral race, Ladie 1 See the Elections Act, Part III, Divisions 1 and 2. 2 Facts outside that record, unless subject to judicial notice, will not be considered. Maj. Stev. & Ter. Co., Inc., v. Alik and Alik, 1 MILR (Rev.) 257, 257 (1992). 1

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